First batch job


My wife is a product manager, and tomorrow she has an open house where she and others from her team will be demonstrating a new software tool to the end users. Since I was looking for reasons to use my new toy, I asked if they would like a sign or something. We settled on necklaces.

Material: Proofgrade Maple Ply

Jewelry starter kit:
Necklace cord with clasps:

The cords are really cheap, but they only need to work for a few hours so it’s ok. Getting the eyelets to screw into the wood was a little tricky, but I ended up drilling a small pilot hole with the smallest drill bit I had and then using that to keep it from wandering while I got it started with pliers. Again, should hold for the few hours it needs to.


Gosh, so much better than the standard lanyard!


What a fun idea! And even MORE fun to get to make them yourselves.


Nice! I’d personally increase the whitespace around the edge a bit by shrinking the fonts a touch. But they came out fancy.


Yeah, I agree. This was a very quick job for one-time use during an event tomorrow (and to give my wife some nerd cred at the office.) It’s so nice to be able to make something like this so quickly!


Great job!