First "BIG" job

Okay, not really a job, but helping my buddy out. Rob has created an amazing peer network, fund raising machine…kicking these to him to help raise some funds for good causes…to date, I think hes hit the $1,000,000 mark…not to shabby for a teacher out of Merced, CA, in his spare time…

If you are charitable, hit him up on

Fb -
IG - - @thehateproject

Developed in Rhino V6.0, cut on Glowforge


Awesome project, and good on you for helping out.


Yeah, very nice of you to volunteer! :grinning:

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Nice work! I’m liking the scale layout on your tray. :+1:

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Thanks, that scale is tied to the machines “home” position, its travel limits, and the “home” of the crumb tray. So far its a pretty good zero for me to use.


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