First Big Project after 1 month of owning basic - 2 Layer World Map wall art

This is really outstanding. I have had plans for something similar for a wall and knew I could design it myself. However, you have taken it up a notch with your cardboard jig and there is no reason I should make things harder for myself. Considered one file sold.


Wow!!! What an awesome project!

Wishing I had a free wall to put one! Love maps!


Wow! As someone still awaiting their machine this is an amazing project…if we are half as accomplished after a month with ours, I’ll be quite satisfied! Love the accessory pack you came up with as well! I’m sure we’ll be coming back to this post for inspiration…Congratulations!


nice, just need some magnetic Risk counters and you’re all set for game night! :slight_smile:

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This is spectacular. Super job.