First Cardboard Glider Flight

First flight of the Glowforge Glider. I am starting to think I need a 2nd Glowforge to keep up with the number of projects I am coming up with!


Watch it, you’ll poke your eye out! :wink:

This videos are such a great resource. Almost makes me wish I were teaching again. I got out just about when the 3D printers started getting into schools. Boy, if I would have had a Glowforge and a couple other printers.

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Perfect Christmas reference! :santa::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is year 30 for me. Funny thinking back to the changes… I taught Math year one and brought my own PC into the school. Guess that may have been the key to landing the tech gig later on. =)

It is really cool seeing the kids start to grasp that they can make anything. The ideas percolating in my mind are never ending. My wife shakes her head at how much time I spend in my classroom… I have way to much fun to call it work though!


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