First catalog print: luggage tag



I’ve got proofgrade leather which is nice and flat and masked, but I also have a bunch of 4-5 oz. veg tanned leather so I wanted to do some testing on it before I attempt some bigger pieces. I made some mistakes on this one that I’ll hopefully learn from for the next project as I work my way up in size.

  • The material is thicker than the proofgrade that the luggage tag was designed for. My quick glance at it thought there wasn’t anything that had to be adjusted, just needed more thread. But that was wrong, that little wrap-around bit assumes thickness in a couple of ways: slot and tab and it has to fit around two thickness of leather too. I’m redoing it because, as you can see from the pic, I mangled the ends with the pliers I used to force it to fit.
  • I masked before hand and forgot about the crease I was going to avoid. You can see it in the lower right and the antique stain highlighted it quite well. :slight_smile:
  • Acrylic kinda works for the stamp, but the 1/8" proofgrade is too fragile once you engrave it deeply. So I used some 6 mm stuff I had already. The thin details are also fragile so a couple of uses and those break into little bits. I’m going to try some delrin that I have on order from McMaster-Carr.
  • It’s harder than I thought to get a deep enough impression to hold the antique gel I used to make to low areas darker like I expected, but the accidental and random variation worked for me aesthetically anyway. Something to think about a bit more on the next one.


I don’t see anything wrong. The little mark in the corner adds to the look from what I can see. You did a VERY nice job. :grinning:


Ohhhhh, it looks fabulous! I’d love to know how you did the stamping. C clamps?


Yes, I just C clamped over and over while applying enough pressure from my hand to keep it from moving.


Very classy! Premium stitch job there, and the stamp looks great!


Noooo … Don’t re-do it! It looks incredible! You should be proud of it!


How spectacular is that? Love the stamped effect! (Might have to rethink leather now…dammit!) :smile:


when you get serious about squeezing things. get one of those harbor freight hydraulic presses. :slight_smile:


Wow, this looks fantastic! Starting small is usually smart, but it looks like you’ve got this down. :slight_smile:


For sure. My 6" vise with a 3’ cheater pipe can put a serious hurtin’ on things too.


This is beautiful–great detail. I just picked up a LOT of delrin for similar applications and this is very inspiring!


Really nice job!

While you point out some of the flaws you see, I can only imagine how it will look after a couple flights and the baggage handlers :monkey_face: have tossed it around. I don’t think anyone will see the small imperfections any more.

Thanks for sharing.