First couple of days

The wait if over for the European orders, yay !

After a small problem with getting the Glowforge to connect to the WIFI, I immediatly came to the conclusion that the most important thing to learn was not really related to the laser, but simply to the design side. So like with 3D printers I picked my 2D design tool and started learning Inkscape.

As I’m documenting the working procedures, it took +/- 12 hours to get to the following amount of successful tests.

The typical text to laser

Box joints (Kerf testing)

** Keychains**

Voronoi generation … (took way to long)


Wow, your projects look great! Looks like you have mastered the machine already. And yes, the time spent designing (if you really want your own custom design) greatly exceeds the laser run time. :smile:


Fantastic results in so short a time! (And so correct on focusing on learning the design software first. The laser is a snap to use in comparison.) :grinning:


You’re off to a great start!

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Really great work, have fun!

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Nice first things. :slight_smile:

Not sure why the vornoi took so long, but if you’re an Inkscape user, a simple vornoi rectangle like that takes just a minute or two to make.

Of course generating it is the fast part, getting it exactly like you want can take a while if you fiddle with settings, etc.

Indeed, the generation is fast and easy. But that is giving a single ‘path’ and without Inkscape knowledge, it took a lot of time to get that to a laser-able file.

Not sure if this will work, but this is what I’m doing now:

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You’re off to a great start learning Inkscape! It looks like you already have a few techniques under your belt. Can’t wait to see what you make next.