First Creations! Hellraiser Box, US Map Puzzle, and more

I’ve been playing around with my new Glowforge and am loving it

So far, I’ve etched the Flammarion engraving for a friend, created a Katie version of the Lament Configuration from Hellraiser, etched/cut some lightcatchers out of acrylic, and even made a US states puzzle for a couple of friends

The bane of my current existence is figuring out how to set the parameters for the boxes such that everything joins flush, and I want to make complex geometric shapes - but am getting stalled on how to connect them…

it sure is fun to learn, though!


Awesome job! Welcome to the family!


But what settings did you use to cut the portal in the box?

MOAG and not BTM.

What are you using to make your boxes, tabs and slots? Software like the online generators, or are you rolling your own.

online generator for now - I suck at visualization, so starting there seemed like a good idea

though NOW I’m thinking that I should just make my own

which could also inform my problem with polyhedrons - specifically the joiners

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my deepest delight, of course

Looks like you are a quick study. These are nice projects.

Nice, especially the etchings! I’m thinking those would look great on tile, maybe with subtle coloring. You should give it a try.

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I was looking at tiles last night - so cool. I think I’ll pick some up and try.

Can I paint with acrylic? or do I need something oil-based?


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You did a great job on the Flammarion - lots of good detail!


Most people use either Sharpies or oil-based or alcohol-based markers, but you can try anything you like—might be a genius discovery!


I can see how the oil-based products could be better. tiles will be here in a few days, and I’ll get started…


I’m eager to learn about engraving through the masking - which I didn’t think to do with the Flammarion

because I want to make this triptych… it is a piece that has great meaning to both me and my mother who passed in 2018woman and ghost.pdf (1.4 MB)

I’ll be playing with using different acrylic paints as stains today - making some ornaments and such…

Really great projects! Welcome to the GF Family!

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I picked up a couple of boxes of plain white porcelain tiles at Home Depot. Cheap cheap; something like 10-15 cents/tile.

I’ve used acrylic paint pens and regular acrylic paints. Then seal with ModPodge (or whatever it is called). In the future, I might try sealing with a pour on epoxy of some sort.

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I am sorry to hear about your mother. Making a triptych has been on my list of things to do from day 1, just haven’t gotten to it yet oddly enough. Show us when you’ve got it done!

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I especially like the US map puzzle and the stars. Very nice!


The stars were prototypes for ornaments :slight_smile:

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