First Cut ... Everything's Groovy

Groovy??? I think I just dated myself. Anyway, I got everything unpacked and set up. No hitches or glitches at all. I printed the Gift of Good Measure on the included draftboard, then I tested one of my own files with some .062 solid walnut. I engraved at 400/40 and cut at 300/90. And everything worked great! No protective tape on the walnut and it cut through cleanly with minimal charring. But what was really exciting was the precision of the cuts. The dimensions were spot on. It looks like this laser is just what I need for my woodworking projects. Thanks, Glowforge!


Welcome to the forum. It is clear that you are going to be enjoying the things the Glowforge can do. It is a precise and fun affording machine.

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Fantastic! Can’t wait to see what you make with it!

(You can post pictures of your creations in the Made on A Glowforge category for everyone to enjoy. Just drag and drop the photo into a new line in your post.)

Welcome to the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s always nice to hear a good news story. Congrats!

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As we’re cutting with fire, the edges will be charred to some degree. The masking is to keep the smoke off the surface of the wood, and minimize flashback on the bottom. Sand paper resolves both of these issues.

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