First cut... I'm learning

Well apparently I’ve been spending the last two years fixated on schedule and shipping. I sure didn’t take the time to learn how I’m actually going to be a Glowforge Ninja. Oh, but I’ll get there, grasshopper.

After printing the ruler, I found myself starting at the screen tapping my fingers. Oh boy, I says to myself. Now what. I know… I’ll cruise over to the catalog and print out a drone with rubber band gattling guns!


By the way… Catalog is looking kinda light, don’t you think?

Anyway, I thought I would try to figure this thing out. So I grabbed a drawing my wife did inspired by Cape Dorset Inuit art.

Here is what I learned:

  • I imported the drawing directly (and by directly, I mean BOOM) into Adobe Illustrator using Adobe Capture app on my phone.
  • I’m afraid of illustrator, so I took a deep breath and reduced the size, added a layer, and drew a cut box.
  • I saved the file and added it to my glowforge, right under the hole left by the ruler.
    -this was a bit unclear to me, but I managed to select the box and indicated cut, and select the bird and indicated engrave. I was thrown by the selection method where the line changed between magenta and blue depending if you hoover on the buttons. I’m going to have to study this a bit.
  • oh, and I learned that if you accidentally close the tab, you can’t get back. Like ever.

My wife likes the way it came out. She offered to weed it for me. I gave her some gaffers tape. She enjoyed it. She said it is just like waxing your legs.

So I’m sure you can help me get straight on some of this. I’m a little overwhelmed and a bit surprised by that. But one thing is sure… This here glowforge was completely, utterly, and without any doubt worth the wait. It’s a great machine. It’s pretty, solid, and is way quieter than I was expecting.

I simply love it. But it’s not going to make music for me if I don’t become an illustrator and fusion Ninja!

Which I will. Oh, I will.


Looks pretty cool! I’d say you’re on your way! :grinning:


Cool Drawing!
I did the same thing, with each delay I thought to myself “This is great, I can use this time to learn some modeling software.” Nope, never did. Now that’s here I find it sits for 90% of the time while I try to make the back end work.


Bwahahahaha! Spew! I think I’m gonna have to take her word on that!

But I do like the bird.


Nice starT! The drawing is beautiful and it translated to wood really nicely.

With every file, cut and print, you’ll get better! It seems daunting at first, but before long you’ll be here in the forum offering advice with the best of them. :slight_smile: (Tell your wife I find weeding kinda cathartic as well.)

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Great first go at it. I’m in a similar boat. A little overwhelmed actually. For two years I’ve been downloading patterns, inspiration, taking pictures at gift shops, and bookmarking sites. Choosing the next thing to make is a bit daunting. But waaaayyyy fun.

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Another weeding lover here…same idea…it’s cathartic and sort of meditative. Are we nuts? :crazy_face:


Yes. We are nuts.


This is exactly how I am feeling right now, too. I’ve had mine a couple weeks now, and am inching along figuring out how to work with vectors after doing pixel based work for most of my career so far. I’m also super impressed with the results every time I print something though, and it just pushes me to keep learning and improving my skills.

I’d like to thank all the folks who put together the tutorials, and shared all their tips and advice here, as it has all been SO helpful! You are all awesome!

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Don’t be afraid of illustrator… it’s far safer than a sharp pencil!

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You’re off to a great start! When in doubt, make something for someone else.

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