First Cut on Hephaestus


The Glowforge is out of the box and set up to run less than 15 min, Hephaestus is up and burning, and of course the founders ruler.

so cool, I will be busy.

Thanks @dan and all the Glowforge team for a great and easy to set up machine.


Awesome! (That first cut feels fantastic, doesn’t it? I squeeed all over myself!) :smile:


Fantastic…glad to hear it was up and running without a hitch!
Cant wait to see what ya do next…maybe a big reminder for when to eat and such…lol


Fun, fun, fun! I like that table, too–consistent with the elegance of the Glowforge.


Great! Enjoy the exploration. :sunglasses: Such a clean uncluttered work area. Probably won’t stay that way…
(on a side note, nice papyrus!)


Yay! Congrats!!!:champagne:. Happy first cut, can’t wait to see what’s next!


Congrats! Did you get that table at Costco? It looks very similar to one I’ve seen there and I spent a long time drooling over it before settling for IKEA.


yes it is the Costco table and it is a beast.


fabulous name. Congrats!


That’s part of the reason I liked it so much! :grinning:


Ha! I almost stole your name. I was trying to decide what to name mine and my daughter suggested Hephaestus


Very good. Congrats. Love how the Glowforge looks, even with an exhaust. It fits in nicely as a tech device in a room and doesn’t look like it belongs in a garage or workshop.

And thanks for the reminder to make a big pot of something or other. Tuesday’s arrival has a fundraising dinner in the evening, so I’ll be postponing till Wednesday evening.


you know what they say, great minds, and all. Sorry I took it first.:smiley_cat:


Actually, I decided on Mephistopheles. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been available for you. It arrived on the 28th :wink:
Hope to see all the things you laser. Have fun!




Yes, a beautiful piece of equipment!


Well poop … my GF literally just arrived and is sitting on the floor and I was going to use that name as well … wonder if my backup is taken (no, i’m not saying what it is yet!).


why not, i can’t use it. :smiley_cat:


but others could!


@n_s_clements I don’t think you have to have a unique name.
I’m pretty sure you can name your Glowforge Hephaestus. Just probably not a great idea to name all three of your own the same thing. So you can distinguish the machines that you have access to.
Go ahead. Hephaestus is a great name.
My daughter is one of 3 Emmas in her second grade class.
Nobody cares but her teacher.