First cuts!


We just got our glowforge yesterday and got it set up last night. it is so awesome. I was on the fence over the summer thinking ‘do I REALLY need a laser?’ good thing I didn’t give up!!! I already made a present! of course there was the founders ruler first :slight_smile:

Then I spent the day messing more with my computer understanding raster and vector and how to turn images into cuts and engraving gray scale. I am so glad to have proof grade but after the ruler was made I put in .050 Medium weight chipboard I had laying around because I paper craft


Wow, very impressive first projects! I really like the necklace and earring set. Looks like your giftee did too.


Those are some great results! (And I really like that jewelry design too…gonna have to use up some credits on that one.) :grinning:


Excited for you! Projects look great!


Great! Have fun exploring the payoff for your patience! :crazy_face:


First cuts are a little slice of joy. I’m glad you’ve been able to experiment and make gifts. Make sure to treat yourself to something, too!


Looks like you’re out of the gate running. Nice projects!