First Draft Minimalist Leather Wallet

Mini Walley Goat skin pockets Mini Wallet Leather Back

Working on Christmas gifts and printed this out today. Second draft will correct the sewing holes around the corners s they print a tad to close to the edge

I have the wallet design you can see in the upper left hand corner, the SVG is wrought with Combine vs Exclusion errors



But why sew the center pieces completely closed? I did something similar a couple years ago (I machine sew, and my cutting is not w/ the GF), and used only 4 pieces–so three slots/pockets as the center was also a pocket & contents fully covered… Also had to make sure was wide enough to allow for filling items into the slots! (Learned that after the first few didn’t hold more than 1 card. Oops).

An easy way to put the holes where you want them, if you use Inkscape. remove unwanted holes with the node tool.


Oh I didn’t sew the center together, just left one side open for cash or other items. On the card slots, learned my lesson on growth from previous wallets, They are 1/4th an inch wider to account for multiple cardsWallet 1 Wallet 2


Thank you for the tip, still learning Inkscape and I have been using arrange to handle the spacing on the holes.

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Looks nice! I was just assuming the holes there there to sew it closed, but see that you just wanted a consistent look of the stitching on all 4 sides!

They look great!!