First edge lit acrylic project Easter Gift now with picture

After reading through a bunch of posts about it I finally decided to try one for myself for an easter gift for my God Daughter. I am super happy with the results. Thanks to everyone who has posted tips on doing these things it made my first attempt a great success in my opinion at least! Forgot to add the picture when I originally posted it…


Congrats! Making an edge lit acrylic lamp is a rite of passage here. Also: a button escutcheon for your Glowforge, a practical cut, etc… Get crackin’!


I think I have posted one of each of those now I think this was the last one I had to do. :grinning:

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Where can you get the LED bases for these type of projects ? Checked Amazon, but are there better options ?

No, unless you are looking to buy by the 1000 or so - then Alibaba or similar would be a better choice.

Mine was just off Amazon. 2 for 13 I think…

I know buying is a great option, but in the interest of teaching you how to fish:

I made 125 LED projects and sold them and raised enough for my Glowforge purchase or could have gotten two tricked out 3D printers.

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