First edge lit acrylic project


Really liked all the edge lit projects shown around here and finally got the time to build a project for my daughter as a present. Turned out really well for the first attempt. Got worried at first as the job was running because the PG settings for engrave looked like they were really deep but it turned out good.


Looks awesome :sunglasses:


I’m sure she loves it.


So cute!! :heart_eyes:


Perfect! She will be thrilled!


Cool unicorn! She’ll love it! :grinning:


Wonderful gift. Win for dad.


She will be thrilled I’m sure.


Very nice first job


Thanks all! Now its time to find more of the bases. The seller on Amazon is out so going to have to hit up eBay, hopefully the will be the same or close.


Check out Johnson Plastics


Soooo cute! Love edge-lit projects.


It turned out great!!


What width acrylic did you use?


I used Medium :proofgrade: acrylic, 1/8" thick.


That is a nice color of violet/purple/mauve. LEDs are the free throws of the Glowforge experience. They are a basic shot and there is no excuse for not making them!


Daughter loved the light! It tied first place with a jump rope from Santa tho. :roll_eyes: I had to go back and make one for my desk at work.

Not sure I will ever do that again!!! Took about an hour it seems to remove all the masking from it. I’ll have to try gorilla tape next time and see if that helps any.


Oh that’s a good idea, I’ll have to try that too.


Can’t take credit for that, saw it somewhere recently around here after I spent all that time pealing each segment off.


Maybe I have the wrong tape but tape doesn’t work so well for me on PG acrylic but I did buy (after reading about them on the forum) plastic razor blades. There are bunches of them on amazon. Here are the ones I bought.