First Edition Pikachu Pokemon Card remade from laser cut wood, acrylic, and epoxy

Hey Guys! Im back :slight_smile:

I combined two of the first edition Pikachu cards to make a custom card using my laser cutter and some resin.


Brilliant! How did you do the Pokémon lettering?

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Lots of googling for fonts and then i downloaded them


Very cool that you could download the font :slight_smile:

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Welcome back! Hope you two are all settled in.

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That’s fun thanks for sharing

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My daughter would love this! Looks fantastic!

reminds me that I found this in the parking lot outside my shop a few days ago, how do I use it? Just throw at opponents ? Or do I have to take it out of the plastic first to arm it or whatever?


They look great! Y’all always do such a great job with the projects you share!

Love the resin swirls.

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