First escutcheon for Glow-ray Hallelujah


So I made an escutcheon and it was my first project after the rule. I’m gonna tweek the design I think (it’s a vector from an old engraving) and make it a round design. I used the stock settings for engraving the Medium Clear Acrylic :proofgrade: . 38 min to complete. I did have warping issues which I am guessing came from the heat of the engrave. As it was doing the cut on the outside it bowed up on each side when the rectangle was released. Also i don’t like how it hits the metal molding on the corner. Good lesson! Off to make more stuuuuuuf…


I’m sure we will have many projects with … “should have done this” … but, we will have so much fun tweaking our designs and tasking the Glowforge again and again! Enjoy yourself!


Yeah I’m a complete laser Noob but discovering the process is the best!


Great name, great design!


Cut after engrave to help reduced warping on 1/8 acrylic


Stunning prototype! :grinning:


We are in the same club. Ain’t it great!?


That’s what it did do.