First, fairly basic, leather project!

Coming up on 3 years of owning my Glowforge, and I still have almost all of my sample materials from the original order. This includes the sample leather pieces, and as I’ve been obsessed with watching leathercraft videos on YouTube, as well as being jealous of every project that @jae posts, I decided it was time to dip my toes into the water.

Not to get your hopes up, this is by far one of the most basic of things you can do with leather and the GF. Just used it to make the cuts for size and Amazon purchased snaps. I needed some way to keep my unruly strap to my drone bag in check, because as well as the bag is designed, they thought it was okay to have the strap free from any sort of restraints. I’ve been carrying it by the strap, but there’s this slick handle on the side, and when in use, that darn strap just hangs down! So here’s where I made a solution that is meant to be temporary, but realistically, probably permanent.

That darn strap that just hangs about like a teenager

The new contained, less messy way, and you can see the built in handle

Different, better angle

Fairly average up close shot of the leather

I can carry the bag by the strap this way now, but it loses its tension, so going with the handle the bag already has is the better option, but having it not flapping around ready to trip me is reeeaaaal nice.


A practical cut to be sure. Good job!


Today strap clips, tomorrow chaps… great use of the sample leather! I still use my leather pocket protector. :nerd_face:


Awesome little project. The mavic air 2 bag is terrible, I’m considering buying an aftermarket briefcase-style rig.

I like he shoulder strap but hate that you have to slide the drone into a pocket. I don’t take my blades off so it’s always a hassle.

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Kids today :blush: The folding arms & props have made you soft :wink:

I have a couple of bracket like things I 3D printed to keep the blades captive & centered on the body.

I still use the stock cases for the inspire & phantom and need to remove the blades altogether every time I pack the bird away. They have bigger aftermarket cases you can leave the blades on but then the already large case is freaking enormous. Without the blades the Inspire case is about 2’ square - I’m not interested in adding another 10" to either dimension.


I had a draganflyer III and a draganflyer V. I’m no whippersnapper. :wink:

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I don’t mind the pocket, it’s more convenient than removing the props was for my P3 Pro and having that massive backpack to lug around. I keep mine on, too, but I’m already in the habit of folding them in and holding them when I throw it back in the bag, it’s not perfect but works. They kind of hold their place when folded in, but maybe that’s due to mine being newer still and a little more stiff. I also considered making a similar strap for the drone itself so that the wings don’t flop open when I don’t want them to - I don’t really think it needs it, so that may never come to life.

I’m way more likely to bring this drone with me when going for an hour hike than before, so the convenience of the handy bag outweighs any cons there could be, at least for me. I have this weird bias now where I thought my old pics were okay compared to what I’m doing now, but looking through some of the older stuff reminds me that my other drone is just as capable, just not as portable :man_shrugging:t4:

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My wife would love if I made some chaps, I’ll be sure to let her know that you came up with the idea :wink:

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Yeah but look at this guy:

If it had a shoulder strap I’d have already bought it. I need one like this that has a strap.

Oh ho look at this, I spoke too soon:

Even better would be one that can store the controller with the sticks in. The hunt continues a bit but I might grab this second one…

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Now those are slick…How are the reviews for banggood? Have you shopped there much before, or was this a simple google search result?

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Oh I buy on banggood quite a bit. Like most Chinese retailers their shipping can be variable but I’ve never had a bad experience with them. Great for inexpensive electronics and leds and whatnot too.

Interesting. The only Chinese website I deal with is dhgate, but I’ve heard of banggood. Well if you do end up getting that bag, let me know how you like it, because that setup isn’t too bad, especially for that price.

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Nice solution—very professional looking!

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A little light on the battery storage but I guess if I left the charger home I could sneak another battery under the controller. Not sure if the iPad Mini and my 3D bracket would fit in there somewhere (maybe under the controller for the bracket…no extra battery) and it seems to suggest the ipad could go in the front pocket. Certainly can’t beat the price.

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