First Few Glowforge Projects

My wife and I received our glowforge a few weeks ago, and after rearranging the garage to make sure the vent hose can go out the side door properly, started experimenting around. My first endeavors were little tokens for a game I play, which worked out pretty well in different formats:

After that, I got a little ambitious and decided to make a small case to hold all the components normally used to play the game. The top piece is a tray I mocked up the night before I went to an event, and the bottom is my newer, better version 2.0. I used two pieces of thick draftboard for the middle, and a piece of medium draftboard for the top so that I could fit little 1/8 inch neodymium magnets in the sides. The lid is acrylic and also has little magnets so that it all fits together snugly:

Here it is with the lid moved so you can tell it’s there:

My wife on the other hand has been more interested in enrichment activities for our 19 month old son, so she and I spent some time in Fusion 360 this weekend and built this from scratch:

The inside is just a plain box, but the idea is that he can sort the popsicle sticks by color into the different holes. So far he mostly likes to play with the lid by itself, but we’re practicing!

For a couple of people who had never used a vector graphics program or CAD program before, I think we’re learning at a good pace! We just got our first delivery of materials since the initial package that came with the device, and I’m excited to get to play with different woods.


Congrats! Excellent job! (Case is really cool!) :grinning:


Those are some impressive first projects! Puts my random stumbling to shame.


The game box is great ! I love the acrylic lid (so nice to tell at a glance if all the parts are there).


Wow, those are great. I really like the acrylic top with magnets for the game


Love the toy for your son!
My 2yo old would go nuts with that!
Great idea, i may be forced to steal it

The game build is fantastic too.
I have already mapped out a similar idea for our copy of ‘Terraforming Mars’

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You certainly got up to speed quickly! The game case looks great, especially with the acrylic top.

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