First forgery... medicare fraud and or birthday well wishes


It’s called a Glowforge so why not start off by forging some documents in wood. Dates and numbers are from the medicare web sight demo image and traced in inkscape then added dad’s name. Removed it in the picture though. Signed and inked the back directly on the part. Sprayed a layer of clear coat for shine.

Second print was a visual pun. Love puns.!


Cool Gary! I like that rock etch :sunglasses:
Is that part of your exhaust run behind you? Did you need a booster?


Oh yeah! The rock is a hoot! :smile:


That’s not a bad idea really. My insurance only sends a digital card, which is great for me, but some doctors offices are a butt about it.
Apparently they only accept physical cards, which once given to them, they scan into the computer for their digital records. Can I just email them the digital card? No. Because…reasons.


It’s the vent run for the dryer at work. :slight_smile:

Have a pile of rocks to etch and then chuck into Lake Michigan.


Probably so they can scan it into their practice management system. I would love to see what happens when you try and run an 1/8 inch plywood card through a front feed card scanner.