First glass engraving


I did my first engraving on glass. I used the masking tape (would always recommend using it). Sharing the settings below -

Speed : 850
power : full
grayscale : vary power at 10
LPI : 340
Passes : 2
focus : auto

I don’t have a crum tray hence i used the 3 plywood sheets of 12 mm each.
Got the best results image


It came out great!

Shifting this to Beyond The Manual, where all laser settings reside.


Is the glass initially frosted?

No, it wasn’t .

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Nice! I can’t quite tell is this engraved on the front or back?

I engraved on the back


I’ve tried several times to get an image show on the glass side, but I’ve not been very successful. I think the problem may be that I am using CTD and not Vary. I think I will try Vary power tomorrow. I used the settings you listed, but slowed down the speed to 800. I love the image left on the back and I may use this technique as I can get glass tile very cheap and won’t have to use either a spray to mark or paint the image. Thank you for posting your settings!

Here’s what I got today using my own image.


Thank you for sharing your settings!

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Please let me know the results with the vary power too. Since glass is hard and I used masking tape, it was necessary to use no of passes as 2 .

Took me a bit, but finally did a test using Vary power. with your settings but with a speed of 800. It did look better on the glass side, however the tile I had is a dark gray so that wasn’t so helpful! I haven’t been able to find anything lighter at the local tile places in the past week. On the backside, the image isn’t as nice as the CTD.

The first image shows both tiles I did, from the back. The second just the tile with vary power.