First go ever, one trophy

My Glowforge arrived just a few days ago and we’ve been full on trying to see what we can achieve. This trophy is being awarded tomorrow at a local vehicle event - I gave it as a gift to the landlord of our local pub where the event is hosted. He was very pleased and I earned two nice pints. This has led to some actual paid work too so I’m very pleased.
I found the George and Dragon image online but the rest is my artwork. The wooden base is a piece of mahogany that I had, suitably milled using my existing woodworking tools. The proofgrade acrylic is a good fit in the 3mm slot so no glue was needed.


Great job!

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Yep! Looks great! :grinning:

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Getting paid in beer is always good.


Really great work!

This is awesome! love the clean edges of the acrylic and the graphics came out great. Thanks for sharing!

Nice work! I admire your attention to detail in the outline.