First Item of My Own Design Done on the GF

This is my first REAL engrave/cut on the :glowforge:. I had been doing these on my K40. Engraves and cuts MUCH faster on the :glowforge: and cuts in 1 pass, where the K40 would take at least 4 passes to cut. This is on cast acrylic that I got from the scrap bin at TAP Plastics.

The LED base is something that I make from my own design and 3d print.

Two major differences between doing this on the K40 and the :glowforge: -
Outputting from CorelDraw via CorelLaser to the K40 took about 10 seconds and the engrave started immediately. Sending to the :glowforge: takes about 10 minutes to start.

Total time (engrave and cut, 2 different operations on the K40) took about 3 hours, total time on the :glowforge: was about 35 minute. Also, the QUALITY of both the engrave and cut were FAR superior to the K40.

Win for the :glowforge:!

For fun, can anybody tell me what is wrong with the design, as shown?


Front tire looks wonky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How do you get in?


Obviously it’s just British and the door is on the other side!


@evansd2 You win the cement boat! I need to reverse the image, just been too lazy!

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Very cute! You did a great job.

Great design! :grinning:

Totally different guess though. Yes, there is undercarriage visible, but I might have removed the ends of the wide line that extends to the tires. :roll_eyes:

That’s the waterproof hull to double as a boat :ship::grin:

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Well done! Thanks for sharing your experience. I look forward to seeing more of your designs. :slight_smile: