First Maple Wood Engraving

I think next time before taking off the mask I’m going to stain it, then take off the mask.



Actually, you should try engraving without the mask. You’ll get a lot more of the fine detail that way. :slight_smile:


I have found that once an engrave opens the grain, thin paint tends to get wicked into the wood. I solved that by using an artist’s brush to paint the edges of the engrave with clear to seal the pores of the grain.

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Since it is :proofgrade: it already has masking and a finish so I would expect that only that part of the wood that no longer has that finish would absorb a water-based stain :smile:

I haven’t tried to stain the engraves yet, but even with PG wood, I would seal it with a clear coat before coloring or removing the mask. I just don’t know what that would do to the stain–probably nothing good or helpful. Regardless, that looks like an awesome cover for some kind of lesson manual, Brother. Maybe a wall hanging. :wink:

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