First Night!

You will notice that it is about 2am.

If you recall, my Forge was delayed about a week - UPS sent it to the wrong sorting facility. Well, it arrived today and when we went to pick it up, we were very relieved it wasn’t a mattress! Anyway, we had another event to attend this evening, so we didn’t get home with the Forge until around 11pm.

Box looks like it had been through a few sorting facilities… only one handle left, most of the tape ripped, crushed edges and such.

This was my favorite part:

Opened it up and all is well!

My space is still a work in progress. Essentially my laser-desk is a couple of Ikea shelves with a piece of steel sitting on top of it. Eventually I am planning on building a frame around the steel and a raised work area… but I had all of three days, or so I thought, when I originally anticipated at least a few weeks… so I had to get something ready asap!
Power (had to install a new grounded outlet - The forge has it’s own dedicated circuit!) and vent through the wall are all ready to go… The crumb tray was getting lonely without it’s laser-home!

Got it all set up and fired up. The forge is certainly strong in this one!!!

Obligatory founder’s ruler:

Burned out a Gift of Good Measure as well:

And I spent some time designing and cutting the (pretty much) mandatory escutcheon!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, MEEPLEFORGE!!!

Thank you so much @dan and especially @Rita and her customer success team! It is a pure joy to have this glorious machine finally gracing our home!

Now… time for some sleep!


Yay! So glad you’re up and running!


Whew! That’s a fantastic outcome, and I’m glad it wasn’t a mattress too! (That needs to be a meme.)

Congrats, and a warm welcome to Meepleforge! (Love the scutch!)


I never tire of reading posts like this. Very happy for you!

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Oh yay! That question mark is… well, I’m glad you enjoyed it, and so glad to meet Meepleforge!

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Awesome! Glad to see that you got your baby!!

Okie Dokie… Nothing but time on my hands until bOb arrives…



This wins the internets today! :rofl:

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Welcome, Meepleforge! Awesome escutcheon. Still a little skeptical about that question mark.

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