First paid Glowforge gig

I’d be willing to give it a try.

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Here they are at the event. I think they look great! He said they were stoked. My friend made the whisky flights manually with a router and a jig.


They came out great. A different turn than the normal carte du jour, so should make it something to remember.

I have to admit I hate events like that though. Once you start eating and pouring, you destroy the ‘everything is perfect’ image.
Never want to be the first to start in and disturb all the preparation, heh heh.


Yes, masking tape works fine. Just with the “application tapes” you have some bigger choices in roll widths and tack strength—even the thickness and material of the tape. Square inch for inch it is actually cheaper, too, than something popular in the hobby like painters tapes—but granted seems more expensive when you’re looking at a big $30-40 roll of tape.


Thanks that is good to know. I wasn’t sure if different tapes act differently