First Pass Through Project, Headbord

Our First shot at passthrough on a larger piece. The pattern is a Scandinavian pattern I had just a small sample from the internet and I spent quite a bit of time cleaning it and laying out the repeat in Photoshop. I created 3 images A,B,C which was 3 rows of pattern starting with a whole design, then 3 rows starting on the half, then 2 rows for the last burn. 1/4 Plywood one side good birch, covered with masking tape, I have wide rolls from vinyl cutting, I cut the ply to 20" x 96" did the engraving and then made the final length cuts. It was easier to hold flat by passing all the way through to start and cutting off the extra than to have the end loose in the machine. I placed 2 8’ tables on the in and out and shimmed up with 2x4s and sheet rock scrap to get just the right height, I drew a line down one side of both tables lined up with one side of the wood along the entire path. I will be making a wooden IN/OUT tray setup similar to some I’ve seen people do soon, but this got the job done. I used the settings for “Thick Cherry Hardwood” The cut panel is then set into 1/2" deep Dado slots in the mitred 5/4x4 Poplar frame, the posts are 1x3 Poplar forming a hollow 3-1/4" square post, I glued up and air finish nailed 3 sides of the posts and then put 6" screws into the headboard frame from the “inside” of the posts then added the 4th side. Sand Paint and clear coat the engraving… We will add some post tops but I could not find anything I liked at the lumber store the other day so Maybe my wife will draw something and I’ll make it… I’m pretty pleased with it. This is for my Daughter Age 11.


This is so wonderful. Lucky daughter and deservedly proud you. Great job!


Just come back from iceland where we have been looking at their “bedboards” which go down the side of the bed to stop you falling out!


Wow, that has to be the largest one-piece pass through project I’ve seen! It came out perfectly. Very well done!

Edit: oops, forgot about the outstanding one done by @polarbrainfreeze ; they are both fantastic!


Very pretty

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What a beautiful result. Your woodworking, design and Glowforge skills are obvious.



(useless words so discourse lets me post just “wow”.)

It’s weirdly inconsistent about that. Sometimes it lets me do a single word, sometimes not. :stuck_out_tongue:

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