First photo attempt!

Did my first photo on draftboard, my daughter with her grandfather. Second attempt, first one was a bit dark, so I played with transparency in Photoshop and did halftone screen. I’m pretty happy with how it looks, and look forward to other attempts.


That looks really great! What a beautiful subject too. They look so alike :slight_smile:

Great results for only second try.

Thanks for sharing your results! I look forward to seeing your next photo engrave attempts.

Turned out excellent! (Much better than my latest attempt!) :grinning:

What are you doing setup-wise? I found that this can make a difference.

Unfortunately, I started out with a really bad picture culled from the internet (my niece and nephew off their Facebook page), and there wasn’t a whole heck of a lot i could do to make it work. It was just too small, and I knew it was going to be a problem going in.

I’ll try again later when I can get a decent photo. (Yours turned out much better.)

I own a publishing company, so doing photo prep is pretty easy for me. Find a photo you like, desaturate it, then adjust levels to lighten it. Do a test section, and lighten as you need. In photoshop, I make the image more transparent after my initial work.


I might try the transparency trick - that was one I didn’t test - I was trying to engrave on both woods and acrylic. Not much success on either, but the gift opportunity is past now - I’ll definitely try it with the next one. Thanks! :grinning: