First Photo Coaster

Hi Everyone!

I have only had my Glowforge for about a week and am pretty happy with how my first coaster came out.

I used PG MDF and a photo of our dog who passed last year. I’m going to make another one but remove the background. Used Pixlr online to edit the photo.

Question - is there a way to center artwork, etc. I’m the GF software? Does this have to be done in another application before importing into Glowforge?

Thank you!



You can use the position thingy… The center dot is the center of the object selected. Just set another object to the same X and Y position an it should be centered on the other object.


As for alignment, yes, you can do it with precision placement. It’s a little bit of a pain but it works.

Select the coaster, then you’ll see a ruler icon in the lower left. Click it and be sure that the highlighted measurement point if the center circle in the 3x3 grid of dots. Take note of the x and y.

Now click on your portrait. Click the ruler and enter the same X and Y for the center.

It’ll look like this:

Screenshot (747)


Oh that’s lovely! and dark fur is always harder so your beautiful pup is giving you a workout :heart:

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Thank you! I saw the ruler today but didn’t think about it. Lol

Thank you! I will try this tomorrow.

I’m very happy with the results. Can’t wait to make more!