First Post: Bowl

Made this bowl yesterday. Inspired by others. Loving my glowforge.

Still learning.


We all are “still learning”, very nicely done.


Yeah, pleasing design. Turned out nicely. What material did you use?


Thanks. BB plywood, with a red mahogany stain. Working on coats of lacquer. Trying to learn more about finishes.


Awesome design! I keep trying to figure out in my head the rings for a bowl. So If I create 2 bowls in Autocad with offsetting rings, let’s say they’re 1/4 inch each. Do I just make the 2nd bowl 1/8 inch smaller, cut both then stack alternately? Seems like that would work - I’ll try it, but would love to hear how you designed this. I just simply can’t wrap my head around that. Trying to cut bowls with the minimal of cuts, minimal of wood.


Seems fairly straightforward in inkscape, though to be fair I’ve never tried it. Here’s how I’d go about it:

Make your desired outer shape.

Select the path. Copy and paste in place. Use inset function to make a path inside your outer shape. (You can customize the inset size in the preferences. I’d set it to however deep your desired step size is)

Repeat as many times as you want layers.
Now you should have a bunch of nested shapes.

Select every other path and change their color to something else.

Now right click on one path and choose “select same path color”, and move them aside. Now you have two sets of nested paths with a total area of about twice the bowl size.

Cut them and you should have your “rings” that you’ll stack.


Right - so essentially you’re making 2 sets of rings just a little bigger / smaller than each other that you’ll cut then alternately stack.

Sound simple when I write it like that, I just don’t know why my head can’t wrap itself around this concept. I’m off to create a bowl! :smiley:

Yeah this method will force a bowl slope of 45 degrees if you choose layer step depth equal to your material thickness — I think. If you want it shallower or steeper you’ll have to adjust your methods. Again I’m unproven here.

That is a beautiful bowl. I especially like the shape you designed. Thanks for showing it. :grinning:


Oh, it’s lovely—so nicely finished! Just needs a banana for scale. :laughing:

I started by looking at this instructables article: Stacked Laser Cut Bowls.

However, I don’t have CoralDraw. Instead I designed this in inkscape. I think there’s several ways to go about it but for my second bowl I’ve done something similar to what @evansd2 suggested. I started with the shape, used cloned tiles, unlinked clones and selected every other path. On this first bowl I duplicated and then transformed every path - which was a bit more painful.


Here’s a simple example:

Also, can someone point me to a resource for posting on this forum? I can’t figure out to size the svg correctly.


Helps to Zip it first. You don’t get the picture, but Discourse (the forum software) strips out style information for security purposes.

Yup. I’m a moron. That’s pretty easy actually.

Ok, disregard my previous posts, I totally get it now. :crazy_face: