First Post - made a Pennsylvania Dutch Barn Medallion

This is my first post of one of my projects I’ve done.

It was inspired by a paper art project I did in third grade.

We cut shapes out of paper and pasted them together to make a Pennsylvania Dutch Barn Medallion way back then.

Taking this same idea, I made the design in Adobe Illustrator. I exported the svg files for the Glowforge and then let the machine do all the cutting work.

First I etched the design on the black painted board. The various feathers and leaves were cut out of paper.

( I am so done cutting the paper with an exacto knife like I did when I was a kid! Aaah the magic of the Glowforge!)

Using a glue stick to hold the paper to the wood, I assembled the chickens and the flowers. When that was dried, I put a clear coat of wood glue over the top of everything. The clear wood glue sealed up any gaps or air spaces between the layers of paper and wood. It makes it ready to resin. I then put a thin layer of biodegradable resin on top. Once the resin was dried, it was ready for the last cut on the Glowforge. …and Yes!, it all worked!


This is very beautiful! You did a wonderful job utilizing all those steps and materials. I could be wrong, but I don’t think resin is safe to use in the Glowforge, unless the biodegradeable type is OK.


Looks really nice!


Very nice. I hope you keep sharing your creations.


What an excellent recreation of your project! Turned out great!


This is awesome, great story!


Wow !ngorgeous!

Thank you.