First post on this forum

Had my glowforge pro for about 4 months. Loving it!! Couple recent projects completed. Many more to come.


I love my glowforge


I know, right? I’ve never had a tool that inspires creativity like this laser. I’m old enough to remember when a laser was a technology looking for an application. The first laser art I saw almost 40 years ago left me in awe. Here we are. Nice work! :sunglasses:


Welcome to the forum @kevholle and @kevin16. It is fun to have you sharing your art and enthusiasm.


Nice work

Welcome! Great prints! It’s always fun to see what people are up to.

The first laser art I saw was behind Jefferson Airplane at the West Palm Beach Pop Festival :star_struck:


Really great first projects! Looking forward to all the projects to come!


Welcome to the family. Those look great. Is the photo also engraved?

Doing some good work there.

That’s some real amazing work! You and I have the same laser cutter, but YOU are an artist.
Can you talk about that first piece? What am I looking at there exactly?

Thank you for the kind words. That is all acrylic that is laser cut and engraved. Black 0% transparent for the frame. Clear cast for the body. I painted the back of the clear white and masked before engraving the text. Reversed text and engraved on white painted side. Then sprayed black on engraving and removed masking. The photo is mdf painted white and engraved with clear acrylic over. It is all mounted on 3/4 mdf and route red even. Black acrylic paint on the mdf base.

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The photo is engraved on mdf using JBs photoshop actions. Love it. Makes it so user friendly.

Lovely work!

Are you from the West Palm Beach area? I am.

I am in Temple Terrace which is just east of Tampa.

I am in Wisconsin.