First prints and metallic acrylic

With my :glowforge: arriving yesterday and my :proofgrade: materials not coming until Friday, I had to do my first prints on the fancy specialty acrylics I got from Inventables. :slight_smile:

I did the founder’s ruler on metallic silver, and two quickly-designed-in-Inkscape pendants on gun-metal metallic. The silver is a smooth finish, while the gun-metal is a brushed texture. It’s hard to get a good picture of the gun-metal as it’s so reflective and shiny. It’s also ever so slightly darker than the silver.

They all came out great – both engraves and cuts – using the :proofgrade: Black Acrylic settings. Easy-peasy.

Now if I could just use my machine in the evenings when my workshop is a scorching 77-degrees… grumble (latest update expands working temps!)


Wow! Love that material! It looks like real metal. (There goes the year-end bonus.) :roll_eyes:


Wow! Thanks for showing that. We’d been thinking of getting some and it’s really great to see how it looks engraved. Gotta say, the ruler looks pretty fantastic! And the triangle looks like it’d be illegal in 17 states if it’s concealed. :wink:


Cool to see some new materials. Laser on … and keep posting!


Those look awesome!! Looks like I’m buying more stuff from inventables :wink:


Very cool stuff. I love the way those pendants look with parts carved away and the brushed metal look remaining!


Wow. That ruler looks incredibly spiffy


When I have some time this weekend I plan to do a dry-brushed metallic paint over the gun-metal and wipe it off. Should add to the metal-ness. :metal: :wink:


Mine was 78F last night and everything worked fine for the barnyard floss animals I cut. Have you turned it off since you got it? Might be a firmware update (the one @dan referred to in his temperature update) that you need. Mine did take a bit longer to calibrate and get ready to use last night but then it ran beautifully.


Best Founders ruler I have seen

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Interesting… I’ll keep an eye out…

Before and after a dry-brush application then wiping off of Lumiere by Jacquard “Pewter” metallic paint:

Totally makes it pop! :slight_smile:


That is absolutely awesome! Did you mask it first?

Nope - no masking. I wanted it to get into the brushed texture too. Makes it all more gritty, and more “real” looking (metal-wise, that is)


It definitely wiped off more on the non-engraved areas, though.

Yep! Turned out stunning. :grinning:


This is some neat looking material, love it

Just curious how big are these parts and what was actual cutting and or engraving time ? Thanks ed

The pendants are 2" - 2.25" long and 1" - 2" wide (there’s a pic with the ruler at the top :wink: ). IIRC, the time for both at once was ~10 minutes.

Ran some jobs yesterday with the ambient temp being 77, and things just purred along! That update also had the change in LEDs which I now noticed. Looks like that did the trick! Yay! :slight_smile: (Of course it’s supposed to be 101 later this week, so my studio will probably be in the 90’s :frowning: )