First project combining 3D printing with GlowForge! [Node cube]

Nothing too crazy, just wanted to make something with simple parts that could be put together to make something more interesting. I just repaired my 3D printer (Well one of them) and made these little nodes to connect panels of acrylic I cut on the forge.

I had fun… pretty cool… simple but it’s a nice warm up.



A nice first start, Given the infinite design possibilities it will be interesting to see where you might go from such a start.


Oh, I like this concept, I’ve thought about it but never exicuted one.

When you start doing a project like this for realz you know you can put brass inserts in the print for super strength right?


Brass inserts? Like as the printer is going and pause it to put some hardware in as an anchor?

No need to pause, done post processing.

Any chance you can link me to an example? The insert goes into the 3D printed part?

Do you mean a bushing?

I’ve been doing something similar to this to make electronics enclosures. It works great.

For pieces that I don’t expect to be unscrewed more than once or twice, I just thread the plastic. For sides that I expect to be opened more than a couple of times, I use the heat press inserts.


There are several good online articles on this I’d have to be at my PC to find them.
The parts are just brass heat pressed as @jbpa linked.
I use a lot of 3mm but they come in different sizes.

I’d love the info, I’ll try to look around. They are brash bushings. Cool, heat set into acrylic?

Very cool. That is a gateway shape. You’ll be headed down the polyhedral addiction path for sure!


I started digging and learned about these, very cool. Had no idea. How do you make sure they go in level/flat? I am guessing there are presses and such for it.


Most anything you can fdm print!

I use them to great success in my knife sharpener.

That is why I love this community. Learn so much ! Thanks!

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Nice use of both tools!