First project: Harry Potter bookmarks

Just got my Glowforge! I thought it would be fun to try making Harry Potter bookmarks with the sample proofgrade leather. They came out okay!

Anyone know of good tutorials for the basics of dyeing/finishing leather?


They look great! :grinning:


Now it will be even more fun to read a book! Very nice!

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Wow, they came out great! I think if you do a forum search on leather or dyeing leather you will find lots of discussion. Also, I have found Ian Atkinson’s videos very helpful.


Thanks everyone! I did a forum search and everyone mentions Tandy leather. There’s one in my area, I’ll go and ask a bunch of questions this week :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I realized I can cut tassels from the same leather.


I finally got to Tandy leather last week, and they were super helpful! I bought some dyes, more leather, and some supplies for stitching things together and then decided to try out the field notes cover @Cole linked here. After doing a google image search for similar projects, I modified the castle in the center of the marauder’s map to have black text without a background. Here’s the results!



Looks great! Your engrave came out really well.

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