First Project - Homemade Book

After 2+ years of waiting and having to return a damaged-in-transit unit and wait for a second one, I finally got a chance to give my Glowforge a go this evening!

Engraved bookcovers! 1/8 inch birch (not proofgrade)… holes on covers are laser-made to facilitate coptic-stitch binding. Quite happy with my first little attempt. Looking forward to more fun to come!


This is lovely. I have been pondering a wood-covered sketchbook and it’s great to see a finished one. :ok_hand:

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Nice! Love Celtic patterns! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s beautiful! So glad you are finally up and running!

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You will have joy every time you pick it up! Great job!

Nicely done! It looks as though you’ve been using this machine for years.

What a great project!

Very nice! Glad your wait is finally over. :sunglasses:

Is possible that you can take a picture of it open? Want to make one but not sure how it will lay on the desk.

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Beautiful - you’re off to a great start. Hope to see some more adventures in book binding in the near future!

This helped me understand how it “works”…