First Project - Homemade Book


After 2+ years of waiting and having to return a damaged-in-transit unit and wait for a second one, I finally got a chance to give my Glowforge a go this evening!

Engraved bookcovers! 1/8 inch birch (not proofgrade)… holes on covers are laser-made to facilitate coptic-stitch binding. Quite happy with my first little attempt. Looking forward to more fun to come!


This is lovely. I have been pondering a wood-covered sketchbook and it’s great to see a finished one. :ok_hand:


Nice! Love Celtic patterns! :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s beautiful! So glad you are finally up and running!


You will have joy every time you pick it up! Great job!


Nicely done! It looks as though you’ve been using this machine for years.


What a great project!


Very nice! Glad your wait is finally over. :sunglasses:


Is possible that you can take a picture of it open? Want to make one but not sure how it will lay on the desk.


Beautiful - you’re off to a great start. Hope to see some more adventures in book binding in the near future!


This helped me understand how it “works”…