First project - wood Jewelry

This was my first (minus the tutorials) project on the Glowforge. Built my pattern using and cut on Inventibles Padauk hardwood using the GF settings for Maple vaneer, which cut at just the right depth. I really appreciate how the padauk feels finished coming right out of the GF and looks good IMO with a smokey edge.


Beautiful! Love Padauk.

They’re very nice and super delicate looking! I’m trying to get my friend inspired to try something like this so I’ll definitely show her your earrings.

Lovely! And very delicate. :grinning:

Gorgeous, and the neck strand part is the perfect choice for this design!

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Those are stunning! And I agree with you, the light char on the edge is a nice touch.

The variation in wood coloring looks great in combination with the thin lines in the design. Can’t wait to see what you post next!

Really attractive!