First Projects - Glowforge Pro

Let me know what you think.



Those are fantastic. Did you do the artwork?


Yep, those are some beautiful pieces!

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They look great.

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Very nice! Did you design those, or found them somewhere?

I found these while scanning through Pinterest and saved them for future use. I’m always looking for items that have meaning and a uniqueness to them.

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I’ve looked at so many of the wonderful projects created by some really talented folks here in the Glowforge community. Now I’ll have to unleash the artistry that resides within me. I’ve done pen and colored pencil works for the better part of my life. It will take some time and ingenuity to make them come to life. Everyone is a great inspiration as to what can be achieved.

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I do that too. This one that I have tinkered with this was done on white acrylic that I had painted black.


Wow, now that is a great piece of art. I see such great potential in owning a Glowforge and what it will do for me. Thanks Steve for sharing!

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I’m envious. I can’t draw a smiley face!