First PROjects


I got my pro on Friday and have been playing with the Glowforge nearly non-stop sense but figured I’d share a quick update now that I have a longer engrave going. There’s still a lot I want to test but since I’m completely new to lasers, I’m starting slow.
My first project (after the founders ruler) was the pen holder from the catalog. It’s come in very handy already.

Next up was a keychain (although I know it’s not sturdy enough for how I treat my keys).

I made some Destiny themed items, some for me and some as part of an order from someone in my clan.

Decided to play with some acrylic, too.

Testing depths for inlays.

A mix of my own design and a design off Thingiverse ( This showed me how nice it is to be able to iterate until I get what I’m looking for. Draftboard and cardboard were super useful, too.

Now I have a Catan board running that’ll take quite a while. Having never even seen a laser cutter in person (at least that I can recall), I have to say this thing is a dream. I’ve always wanted to make things at home that don’t look homemade and the :glowforge: allowed me to do it within minutes of getting it out of the box. I also have to say thank you to everyone who has shared their knowledge on the forums. It’s been so nice to just search here and get useful information now that I know what I need to know.


I like the acrylic prints. Can’t wait to get mine. The Catan board d is high in my list to print!


What wonderful projects! :grinning:


You’re off to a great start and congrats!


Loved reading about your first projects…and this says it all for me, too. I can’t believe the constant stream of time that I enjoy spending either designing or making stuff.


Nicely Done! Off to a great start!


Very impressive work! If this is your beginner stuff, imagine what you’ll be doing when you are an expert!


Wow! You’ve had a lot of fun already! Congratulations on taking the bull by the horns … and just having fun!


Catan board is high on my prints list…possibly with engraved dice and cards, too. Depending on the way I do it, considering modifying the board with watercolors.


That Jade Rabbit got me so excited. D2’s dropping in like 36 hours and my Glowforge will be here in a couple of months. My life feels like a lot of waiting right now.

Excellent work, I hoep to see more of what you do!


At least D2 is very close. My Glowforge is actually named Jade Rabbit. I loved that gun and used it 99% of the time. Going to miss it.


What a truly magnificent body of work! Thank you for sharing @andistarnes.


These are all fantastic. I’m looking forward to making my own headphone stand!


Really cool projects! Keep going! You are inspiring to me, since I don’t have any laser experience either. Glad to hear you’ve had an easy time getting going with it.