First Projects!


Hello everybody!

I’m sure a few of you may know my story as the awful person who owns a Glowforge, and if you are following along with that the story stands that she was upset the day before I brought it home, and now she is softening back up to having it here. It helps that my first projects below were solely her requests :slight_smile:

The guest room sign took me 1 hour start-to-finish which is pretty great considering that includes generating the artwork 100% from scratch.


B&B? You left your address on there.


Ah- so I did! Fixed. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

No, not a B&B, we just like having visitors and my wife thought it’d be cute.


Love the guest room sign! I’m glad peace reigns once again in the Socks household.


Yeah, I’m happy it worked out. Love the Guest Room sign idea too - very clever! :grinning:


Lovely piece! Guests will love it!


He chose wisely :grimacing:

Great sign for the guests!