First real engrave - Celtic box

I’ve had my Glowforge for MONTHS, but just used it for the first time yesterday. It’s a long story, but I had it delivered to my science lab at the college where I teach, and it turns out there are no windows in the room (or the entire building for that matter) that actually OPEN so I could vent the thing. And I drive a 2-door Mustang, so there is no way it was fitting in the car to come home with me. I finally found a day when I could re-box the whole thing up, borrow my wife’s Prius-V, and get the thing back home to set it up and start laserin’.

After cutting the test ruler, and doing a quick design on a cardboard notebook cover, I engraved this celtic knot onto a cheap $5 box from Michaels. (speed 600/52%). I have a HUGE list of projects I want to do now, and my wife and I are already planning an Etsy shop and a craft fair table in October.


Looks great! Congrats on finally firing her up! :smile:


Yikes … MONTHS? So glad you got it home!

No excuse :grin::grin::grin: I once brought home an antique chifferobe home on the back/top of a Pontiac Fiero. Interesting 35 mile drive though… :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Anyway great first project and I look forward to seeing your future projects.


Gotta love cheap Michael’s boxes. Add a good design and 15 minutes in the laser and they double in value, at least.


Yeah, that’s the idea. I can’t personally see myself putting in the effort to make gorgeous $100+ finished products out of exotic hardwoods. (Although I respect the work of those who do.) But making $4.50 things into $15 things is a business model I can get behind.


FYI you can also turn $1.66 things into $10-15 things.


Oh wow… I had no idea OTC had things made out of wood! I only think of them as purveyors of cheap plastic birthday party toys.

Well, two caveats: they don’t have the biggest selection, and the glue that holds them together is a little sloppily applied. Looks fine unfinished or painted, but if you stain it you have to really work it in there to get the whole thing.

But given that, I’ve had very good success with those boxes. I did a charity art fair last year and those were flying off my table.

I use PETG to create a plastic window for the boxes – it’s cheaper than acrylic, even cuts faster in the laser, and fits better with the light, thin wood of cheap boxes.


Thanks for the info. I can see some finishing work but solves my problem of finding those little hinge and latch bits. I can see painting then forging then a little cleanup. Thanks again.

It looks great! You’ve got a lot of time to make up—we should be seeing a barrage of new projects coming from you soon, hmmmmmm?