First Real Project; Keychains for a Documentary Film Project


Just got my [working-- my first was damaged in shipping] Glowforge-- Bumlight-- online and working.

And I produced my first real work product in less than 30 minute!

These are keychains for the crew on the documentary that my wife is working on! The documentary is about the San Quentin Prison Marathon runner’s club.

(I don’t know if links to external projects are welcome here, but a quick google of “San Quentin Marathon Documentary” will turn up the project.)


Very nice! Glad you’re up and running. :wink:


You and me both!

Having a Glowforge that actually does variable power output makes all the difference in the world!

Neighbor’s probably appreciate the smoke reduction, too. :wink:


Looks like you got straight to work - what an awesome gift for the crew!