First sale ;p



I’ve been busy when not at work rushing Christmas presents out before we finally get a break and go up to Massachusetts this Friday for the holidays. I had brought some slightly defective pieces to work with me (cause I still loved them) and people at work were amazed - so much so that I got commissioned to create a Christmas gift for the department head (ok, ok so it was my Idea, they were just going to get him a gift card to lowes… not very memorable) I was going to wait for the trip to start posting images (busy busy busy) but this came out too well to not share.

not quite 5 hours for the front and back, used half a proofgrade maple ply, and a couple coats of chalkboard paint. Made $100.00

Helps pay for more materials, muhuhahahahahaha.


That right there. :slight_smile:

And the gift looks fantastic, too.


Great gift man! Good to see you around here. :sunglasses:
Enjoy the holidays!


Awesome! Nice Job!

You are coming to Massachusetts just as I’m leaving. Have fun!


This is way more memorable than a gift card! Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your new materials :slight_smile:


Thanks! and yes, it’s not like I would spend it on frivolous things like credit card bills, or food, or flowers to show my appreciation for my GF’s (now wife yay lol) patience over me spending money on a laser… :slight_smile: More materials was the only choice. I can always laser engrave her a flower…


Thanks :slight_smile: Good to be (kinda) back. I’m trying lol
I fully intend to :wink:


I think most people are leaving about this time of year… :wink:


Oooooh! That’s fantastic! (And much better than a gift card!) Great to see you again! :grinning:


The investment work


Investment indeed :slight_smile: I purchased a lot of proofgrade materials today :open_mouth:

It must be christmas


So glad you hung tough through that journey. Now is the payoff! And now you get an anticipated adventure, having ‘weathered’ that one earlier that mother nature threw at you. Enjoy the adventure! I have missed your sense of humor dude!

Happy Holidays to you and yours. :sunglasses: