First substantial project


This was the first substantial project i did with the GF.


Is that an actual star projection over Round Rock? That is just stunning! :grinning:


Thanks! Yeah it’s the projection from that date and time from the approximate place my daughter was born.


So creative, must know what materials were used to achieve the stunning florescence!


I used an led light kit, that is mounted inside of the shadow box. It has a remote control, and you can change the patterns etc with it. I can link the light kit I used if that is helpful.


Wow! Stellar!


I saw what you did there. :wink:


That is just stunning…and so touching. I love it!


Is there a site that you can find star charts for dates like this? This is really neat.


There’s a few of them I found, but I ended up using a modified version of this one


Here’s another -


Yeah this is another good one, I liked that the first allowed me to include the milky way, and I was able to make a custom version to automate some future projects with it.


That would be helpful. It’s always nice to see what others have found. Got to love this community!


Ah wow - that little fact makes it so much more impressive. Beautiful work.


This is the light kit I used, as well as some connectors for the strip.




What a lovely idea, and so well executed!