First ***successful*** 3D engrave on acrylic

Material: Proofgrade Clear Acrylic
Design time: 1 hour
Cut time: 10 minutes
Size: 3" tall

Last night while I was half asleep, my wife asked me if it was possible to make our puppies as ornaments. Groggily I said probably and didn’t give it much more thought. Well today was a snowday from work so I decided to give it a whirl to surprise her and let her know that I do pay attention. Also decided to ramp up the difficulty by using the hardest test subject, our black GSD. I made two photoshop files one inverted and one not, the one cut is the inverted, I have yet to test the non-inverted.

I did have to tweak settings from the default 3D engraving for PG Acrylic. So to anyone wanting to try the same use caution and stand with your GF. I canceled my first attempt after 45 seconds once I saw that it was cutting all the way through. I might put the entire project PS, AI, and GFUI files up in Beyond the Manual later for a “lessons learned” walk through.


Fabulous! I do love how acrylic looks engraved - and getting features on your black pup is definitely stepping up the difficulty level!

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I got one sort of ok, but had to have it in very bright sunlight to actually get any scent of details.