First the egg! Ready Player One art frame

Ready Player One was a fun ride at the theater. Saw the film and came home to make this art frame piece. It all came together in a day (and a little drying time) and really looks the part.

The front plate has an egg-shaped cut through to match the back plate with an engraved egg fingerprint. Gap space left in between for the look through depth and slight lean back angle for presentation.

The base achieves the lean back setting we wanted for this Ready Player One frame.

Here are a few more detail shots of the making:

Where Design Comes From - WDCF


That looks great!

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Very nice, love the layered look. Saw the movie (twice actually), and enjoyed it, but if you haven’t read the book, do so. I enjoyed the book so much more.

Haven’t seen the movie, but that’s a lovely fan tribute for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

The ‘happy accident’ effect:
You’ll notice there are 3 notches on the inside of the egg cut through (on the front plate). That was originally for a title area and I chose to use three bars to represent the three keys needed in the storyline. Type came out too small so I ended up breaking them off and sanding them down to just be nubs that represented the 3 count – and found that was actually a nice way to contrast against the laser ‘burn’ of the inner edge without full sanding or staining. Nice trick that we’ll use in the future as well.

Let your artwork guide you… sometimes it just know what it wants to be.


Very original use of layering.

Very nice, read the book, waiting for the movie…

Seconded on the book being excellent.

I also just read an unrelated book that was really good called “We Are Legion [We Are Bob]”. If you liked RP1, I bet you’ll like Bob.

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Love it, Will! Awesome.

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