First Three Weeks!


Wow. We’ve been making so much random cool stuff! I love my :glowforge: so much! :heart_eyes: I wish I could share everything I’ve printed, but here are just a few samples.

Prototype of a picture frame:

Light Switch Cover:

Dino Puzzle:

Fairy House to be painted:


Custom Glasses Case:

Grandpa wood coin:

Ruler and first scan & print:


Great work, if i had to pick a stand-out item it would be the picture frame.
All very inspirational though


I agree, that picture frame is delightful!


You’re off to a great start … and can tell you’re having so much fun!!! Awesome!!! Congratulations! :boom:


Hard to pick a favorite among those…love the fairy house and the glasses case, but the coin really strikes a chord. All very unique! :slightly_smiling_face:

Those are fantastic choices!


OMG! That’s for sharing what you have! SO many fun things!
That picture frame is simply amazing! Is that painted wood?
We haven’t done the lightswitch covers yet. We’ve talked about them though. Kids can’t decide what shape/design they want yet. I told 'em think up whatever they want and we can just switch them out every once in a while!
Love the dino. On my to-do.
Hehe! Unicoin. Love the name and the design!


Did you get the dino puzzle from somewhere or did you make it yourself? I have a nephew who would really enjoy something like that.


Awesome projects! My 7 year old would LOVE that dinosaur puzzle!


IKR? It took all of 5 minutes for me to be positive I had put my $2,000 in the best place I could have.


Yeah the frame is 4 layers of 1/8" plywood. Layer 3 is painted with standard latex paint that wasn’t shaken up all the way :joy:


I had some trouble finding a plan for 1/8" material but eventually found this one:

Had to modify that to fit on the Glowforge bed.


I seriously LOVE the effect it provided that way!


Now that I’ve picked my jaw up off the floor, let say, bravo! wow! cool! amazing! etc…, etc. :smile:


It’s a feature, not a bug!