First tile

Made my first time! So incredibly amazing what this machine does. It’s not finished, but here is the finished engrave. Now, I just need to figure out how to “spice” it up color wise!


Very nice first project. You could try colorful sharpies for a start. Lots of colors and they are easy go use. There are some folks on this forum that do fantastic coloring but I am not one of them. :blush:


Super fun! I like your choice of font. :slight_smile:

Careful with tile, it’s addictive.


This is using teal sharpie and purple craft paint pen. I went over the whole think with a magic eraser. There’s one spot in the 5 that looks like a hair that bugs me. Lol Could be the laser embedded it. Overall? I like it!
Definitely addictive- but I have a crap ton of various tiles someone gave me a year or so ago! It was a garage size worth!


Looks good. Also look into the “norton white tile method”. An alternative to an actual engrave.


After coloring? Uh… yeah, I’m definitely NOT one of them either! :joy:

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I use Angelus paint markers filled with furniture wood stain. I do a coat of stain, dry it with a hairdryer then a do another coat of stain. Put in a 250° oven for 15 minutes.

Remove tile from oven, let it cool, and take a wet sponge to remove any excess that might be on the tile.

Then I use another paint marker filled with a polyurethane to seal the stain.

These paint/stain markers are available at if you are going to purchase the markers make sure you purchase extra replacement tips. I also use a plastic needle to fill the paint markers.

I mainly use the paint markers to finish the edges of wood projects.


Since you have an abundance of tiles, be sure to do a search on “Norton white tile”. I just finished a bunch of them and found that technique to be lots of fun. Check it out when you get a chance.


I use sharpie paint pens I super soak the whole image let sit for a while then scrub off the extra with a scrubby sponge hot water.


I’m all out of likes for the day or that would get one. :smiley:


That heart image is great!



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I just realized the same company makes the polish I used to use for my boots. They make great shoe polish.

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Their dye and paint for leather is beyond phenomenal. Angelus paints for leather are truly the best——- no other paint even comes close.

Customer Service with the company is also the best.