First time working with clear glass and figuring the focus

Took my sister in law’s handwritten recipe and reversed the image and cut into the bottom of the pie dish. did the math and set the focus. Used the dark green glass setting with 3 passes. Hard to photograph without reflections, it is clearer in person. Any suggestions on how to improve ? Thanks!


Bake the pie and send it to me. I’ll let you know if I think it needs improvement!


Thats a really awesome idea, recently got ahold of my grandmas old cookbook and doing something like this would make for some great Christmas gifts.


The “green glass” isn’t glass, it’s acrylic - so I imagine you can use stronger settings, but also most folks who’ve cut glass have rubbed it with a layer of soap - for some reason that helps it truly set without cracking the glass!

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Thanks for the clarification and tip! I look forward to doing another one once i can get more materials…


Gread Idea!

Maybe to improve contrast of the text you can squeege some foodsafe ink into it.

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