First tooth engraved I think


My 12 year old lost his tooth and wanted to see if we could engrave it. Yup!


Oh ouch! :neutral_face: (And I was thinking a bear tooth or a shark tooth from the title.)


(And I was thinking a bear tooth or a shark tooth from the title.)

Wow, yes I have a lot of shark teeth, but had not thought of that,


I also thought this was the case…welp, here’s a new door open to engraving on teeth. Perhaps if we have any dentists in here, they could create “grills” with their glowforges :wink:


When “jaws” first came out I would go camping where we found fossil shark teeth, and come back to Miami and sell them for enough to pay for the trip to tourist places. Later of course, you could hardly give them away. but with Fla etched on them…


Hmmm… They will have to wait for GF Model 5 or 6 to get past that 2" max cut as well as overall box size…

Just curious but how do you plan on not losing that tooth @tom ?
We are finding ‘lost’ pictures and stuff all the time.


Does anybody else foresee a run on shark teeth as a result of this post? ROFL! :smile:



Hahahaha that is so cool and totally creepy as well! (teeth kinda gross me out lol)


Nice to see you’re cutting your teeth on your new machine.

(Seriously guys, 24 hours and no one got to making that comment yet? This is practically the only time one gets to use that phrase -almost- literally)


@totally gross! I made him let it dry out first!

@JedTheMaker right, this forum is slacking


Sadly, human teeth was my first thought. I’m sure that says something about me. :smirk:


Well, I’m glad someone tried it! :slight_smile:


Did you get the right tooth and how did you get him to hold his head still to tag the rest of the teeth?



Me too! But its nice to know :sunglasses: