First try at Etching Tile


Thanks to those who have gone before me, and posted here as it helped me to get the nerve to try etching tile. I used a cheap subway tile from Home Depot. The image is my own. I played around in Illustrator with outlining and expanding the paths and I really didn’t like what I was seeing, so I reverted to just converting the image to to an SVG with no Illustrator processing. I left it grayscale. I masked with blue tape.

It took 20 minutes at full power and full speed 1000, 450 LPI (CTD). Post engrave I used Artistro Acrylic paint marker black and then wiped it off with paper towel before completely dry. I painted with the mask still intact and then gently removed the mask as I was wiping it down. I am happy with the outcome. I will be trying more in the future!


Yeah, I’d be happy with that!


Yeah what @PrintToLaser said, nice result.


Beautiful image!


Cool image! Tiles are so satisfying…


Looks good!

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That looks amazing! Great job.


thank you. I didn’t realize it should be in this category.


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Looks great.


You got such a lovely painterly effect in that etching that I’ve not seen before. Amazing!


Thank you. I forgot to include my original drawing. It is a pencil sketch, scanned into photoshop, and then I painted it digitally. The tile etching really did reflect the drawing quite well I think.


That’s gorgeous!


Thank you so much. That means so much to me. I am trying hard to find my art again, after having lost it to the corporate world. You’all are so kind. It gives me energy to keep moving forward.


Beautiful drawing! Many of us would love to have your ability.

Tile turned out amazing!


That drawing would look good engraved on almost any material. Good high-contrast image like that is a winner on leather, wood, acrylic, you name it.